· Outline preliminary design by creating and modifying piping and instrumenta-tion diagrams faster and more accurately.

· Access, integrate, and analyze georeferenced raster imagery, GIS, and CAD data with CAD and GIS integration tools.

· Generate data-rich proposals in the context of the existing environment, sup-porting more informed decision-making and an accelerated design process.


· Create tooling and documentation for fabrication of custom equipment.

· Create piping isometrics for fabrication of spool piping for process plants.

· Create more precise detailing and fabrication shop drawings, including struc-tural drafting and steel and concrete reinforcement detailing.

· View and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams. Query and manipulate data contained in drawings, and then generate reports.

· Create as-built plant models for brownfield retrofit projects with reality capture tools.

· View and navigate plant models.

· Design, model, and document process plants on a familiar AutoCAD software platform.

· Design and create accurate digital prototypes for a wide variety of oil and gas equipment, including package equipment and skid units, using Routed Systems technology.

· Explore civil design options, analyze project performance, and deliver consistent, high-quality documentation.

· Perform detailed simulation and code checking on a range of structures with advanced building simulation and analysis capabilities.

· Predict, optimize, and validate design decisions early with cloud-based mechan-ical, fluid flow, and thermal simulation tools.

· Organize, manage, and track data creation, simulation, and documentation pro-cesses for design and engineering workgroups. 

· Integrate 3D models and multi-format data so you can better coordinate disci-plines and plan projects.

· Enhance cross-team communication by simplifying multidisciplinary model coordination with data-centric, cloud-based management.

· Create 3D construction animation of process plants and perform rigging studies for erection and lifting of complex equipment.

· Generate material and perform conceptual estimates to estimate costs faster and more accurately.

· Evaluate and communicate site plan proposals for faster stakeholder buy-in and more confident decision making.

· Design, model, and document process plants with a familiar AutoCAD-based software platform, using 3D plant layout and piping design.

· Edit, enhance, and maintain scanned drawings and plans with raster-to-vector conversion tools; explore and sketch mechanical design concepts.

· Develop and modify process design by creating and modifying piping and instru-mentation diagrams faster and more accurately.